Wakakakaka Cafe: Kuching

Our original plan was to head to one of Kuching famous Kueh Chap shop for our dinner. Unfortunately the shop was not open probably due to the opening of the ghost gate (a local belief) on our intended visiting day.

While discussing where to have our dinner next since all of us were already  starving to death, one person came up with a suggestion. “Let’s go to Wakakakaka Cafe.”

Waka 02

Wakakakaka Cafe is located at Brighton Square, Kuching (refer map below) and it serves mainly western foods. Stepping inside the cafe one feels relaxation due to dim lighting as well as the cooling airconditioned cafe and the decoration a la that of a night bar helped too. One special table stood up among the rest whereby it’s surrounded by stuffed toys which we found it quite interesting. We’re not sure what’s the purpose the table was themed in such a way but believed it was specially prepared for an incoming customer.

Waka 03

Not forgetting to mention the funny menu. Their dishes were named in the weirdest name one can possibly imagine.

Waka 04

5 sets of main courses were ordered for our group:

Our first order was called Ying Yang Chicken Chop. Now wasn’t the name of the dish funny? The Ying Yang Chicken Chop comprised 2 pieces of grilled chicken served with 2 different sauces namely the cafe specially made black pepper sauce and creamy cheese sauce and the dish was served with coleslaw.

Waka 05
Ying Yang Chicken Chop

Our second order was basically Fish and Chip but it’s called Dory ‘N’ Chippy in their menu. The serving comprises two pieces of golden friend dory fish, some french fries, coleslaw and lemon and tartar sauce.

Waka 06
Dory ‘N’ Chippy

Our third order was Spaghetti Bolognaise. It’s a typical but with huge serving.

Waka 07
Spaghetti Bolognaise

Our fourth order was called Ba Ba Black Sheep and you guessed it right. It’s actually a lamb chop set. The lamb chop set comes with three types of sauces namely the black pepper, peppermint and mushroom sauce. Serving was huge so make sure you would have great appetite when ordering this one.

Waka 08
Ba Ba Black Sheep

Our fifth order was called Mario’s Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce. This is a chicken chop set too but compared to previous serving, this one only came with 1 peace of chicken thigh with mushroom sauce as topping, french fries and surprisingly, a scoop of ice cream for you. You can dip your crispy french fries into the icy cold ice cream and consume them together.

Waka 09
Mario’s Chicken Chop with Mushroom Sauce

Besides the above, we have also ordered some drinks and desserts for ourselves.

This one is called, Snowy Poo Poo
This one is called, Snowy Poo Poo

In total, this meal costed RM144.80. Food kind of pricey though but overall, we’re quite satisfied with our meals and the service here. The creativity in naming their list of menus definitely add to the fun dining here at this cafe.

Waka 11

Contact Details
Contact Number: 014325 3825
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wakakakaka-Cafe/326732700780705?fref=ts
Address: 18G.Flr, 7691 Block 16, KCLD Brighton Square, Off Jln Song, 93350 Kuching, Malaysia

Operation Hours:
Daily except Wednesday 4.00pm to 12.00am

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