Tower of Heaven: Lahad Datu

Located about 10km away from the town of Lahad Datu, Sabah, lies the place where everyone wished to be someday. The place is called, the Heaven! You hear it right, the HEAVEN!

Nah….. we meant it literally. The place that we’re going to introduce to you this time round is called Tower of Heaven anyway.

Tower Of Heaven 10

Tower of Heaven or it’s local name, Menara Kayangan is located on top of Mt. Silam, the highest point in Lahad Datu and it sits just besides the broadcasting towers of a local TV station. If you’re the type who likes to explore or study local floras and faunas, this is definitely the place to go because Tower of Heaven is sitting on a huge forest reserve with an area of about 698 ha. and with elevation rising from sea level to 884 meters. The forest reserve is under the care of the Sabah Forestry Department.

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Two jungle trails leading up to the summit of Mt. Silam are available for you to explore these floras and faunas.

Tower Of Heaven 09
Jungle trail to the summit

Depending on your physical abilities, you may opt for the shorter but difficult route (Kayangan Trail: 1.5km) or the longer but easier route (Kalung-Kalungan Trail: 2.5km) Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to explore these route yet due to deteriorating weather and the time constraint for this rush visit. We will bring you our discovery on our next visit to this place. Stay tuned!

Tower Of Heaven
Tower Of Heaven

Now, the main attraction of this place is the Tower itself. The tower is made of solid cement and steels measuring about 30 meters high.

Tower Of Heaven 15
Stairs leading up to the Heaven….
Common mammals that can be found in the forest reserve
Information about the forest reserve such as this can be found along the way up the tower

Tower Of Heaven 17

30 meters high may not be good enough for you to reach Heaven but it’s good enough to brings you the spectacle view of its surroundings and this include the dense forest reserve itself, the bird’s eye view of Lahad Datu town, the scenic view of the Darvel Bay (locals call this the mouth of a dog because the state of Sabah is shaped like a dog’s head and Darvel Bay resembles the dog’s mouth) and its islands. If you do not wish to go up the tower, there is a platform just besides the Tower for you to enjoy the scenic view of the Darvel Bay.

Overlooking the Daval Bay
Overlooking the Darvel Bay
Islands of Pelana & Laila
Islands of Pelana & Laila
Looking at Lahad Datu Town from the Tower Of Heaven
Looking at Lahad Datu Town from the Tower Of Heaven

To come here, one may need to hire a taxi from the Lahad Datu town and arrange for a return trip as taxis on standby may not be readily available at this location. If you’re driving from Kota Kinabalu or Sandakan, please do not drive all the way to the Lahad Datu town as there is a short cut via Jalan Asam (please see map below) to reach the destination. The entrance is visible, locates just besides the main Lahad Datu – Tawau main road. Please note that you will have to drive another 10km from the entrance to the Tower itself and it’s uphill all the way with road steepness reaching at most 15%.

Entrance to Tower of Heaven
Entrance to Tower of Heaven

Opening Hours of Tower of Heaven:
The Tower of Heaven is opened daily from 8a.m. to 5p.m..

Admission fees:
Malaysian (RM5), Foreigner (RM10);
Children below age of 18 – Malaysian (RM2), Foreigner (RM5).

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