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Met An Accident In Vietnam

My Vietnam adventure was full of fun, excitement and.. pain.

Pain because I met an accident.

You see, in Vietnam the traffic is chaotic. It means you can go no matter if the traffic light shows green, yellow or red. I watched, and understood this rule on the first day I arrived at Ho Chin Minh city.

But there’s one more rule that I was not aware of, and that is a one way road can also means both ways. I was crossing a road, specifically the street of Hang Dau in Hanoi and I was pretty sure it was a one way street so I was about to cross the street focusing only on the oncoming vehicles but was not aware another bike was moving against the traffic towards me. I got hit, and he sped off.

I didn’t realised how bad my injury was until I sat down at a coffee shop and rolled up my jeans.

The point of this post, for those visiting Vietnam, be EXTRA careful while crossing the street.