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Sabah State Railway: Kota Kinabalu

Ever since moving here to this Land Below The Wind, Sabah, I have never took a step into the Sabah State Railway main station at Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu.

Not that i’m not aware of such railway system when its main station is so visible in front of the main highway to the Kota Kinabalu International Airport but I just couldn’t bother to care about it because most of the major townships connected by this railway can be easily accessible by the trunk road and whenever there’s need to visit these townships, I would just drive there. On top of that, I had this mindset that the railway system simply existed just to preserve this rich history of Sabah railway as well as its contribution to the state’s tourism industry. I would later found out that there’s more reasons to its existence.

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Babeque Clam & Coconut Pudding: Kota Kinabalu

After reading the title above, don’t expect any fancy restaurant that i’m going to introduce to you this time. The place that I will be talking about serves pretty nice babeque clam and coconut pudding though, and is a recommended stop-by if you’re visiting Kota Kinabalu.

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A “See-It-All” Trip In One Day: Kota Kinabalu

Getting disoriented in an Upside Down House (so far, the only one in Malaysia), enjoying the majestic view of Mt. Kinabalu (the highest mountain in South East Asia), walking on a 8 storeys high canopy walkway at Poring Hot Spring and witnessing Holstein Friesian Cattle at Desa Cow Farm. All done in a day! Interested? Read on.

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Kawa Kawa River Cruise: Kota Belud

I recalled, it must have being some 22 years ever since I last encountered fireflies. When I was very young, my family followed my dad, who had to relocate to a bigger city due to his career requirement. Ever since staying in big cities, I have never encountered fireflies and that was until yesterday, I had an opportunity to join Kawa Kawa River Cruise. It was experience of my life time.

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Chef Tan’s – Coffee. Food. Home.: Kota Kinabalu

Celebrating one of our brother’s birthday the other day, we went to Chef Tan’s cafe for our dinner and celebration. This cafe was located at The Peak Vista (map below).

As the name suggests, this cafe was opened by a person called Mr Tan. HAHA! “Duh…..” Some writing on the wall was telling the story of Chef Tan, whom was a very passionate person in culinary. Retiring after serving 25 years as as Executive Chef at Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort, Kota Kinabalu, a quite reputable 5 stars hotel in the city, he decided to open his own cafe in July 2013.

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