Mt. Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa: Our Experience

Have you ever visualizing yourself escaping the city hectic life, waking up early in a cold morning, sitting on a cozy chair, breathing in fresh cold air, sipping your favorite cup of hot coffee and enjoying the majestic view of Mt. Kinabalu right in the comfortable room of a resort?

Or perhaps for visitors who wish to enjoy the magnificent view of Mt. Kinabalu but do not wish to climb this famous mountain? (a short video clip about the journey up Mt. Kinabalu and what you might experience is available here.)

Enjoying nice cup of hot coffee
Enjoying nice cup of hot coffee

Like this?

Introducing the resort, Mt. Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa! Here goes our one night stay experience at this resort.

Mt Kinabalu Heritage & Spa
Mt Kinabalu Heritage & Spa

Early in March this year, we got an opportunity to stay a night at this resort. The resort, formerly known as Perkasa Hotel Mt. Kinabalu, is situated about 90 kilometers from the city center of Kota Kinabalu, sitting on a hill approximately 5,000 feet (About 1,500 meters) above sea level and overlooking Mt. Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia. For us, it took about 1 hour 15 minutes driving there from Kota Kinabalu city but there are other modes of transport to reach there such as taking an express bus from the Long Distance Bus Terminal located at Inanam which costs about RM20 per way or getting a taxi there.

Mt Kinabalu Heritage & Spa 06

As we planned to stay a night there, we started our journey late at around 11.45 am and reached resort at 1 pm. Check-in time is 2 pm for the resort so we spent some time exploring the resort compound. The resort itself has two types of accommodations on offer namely the room, situated in the main building itself and chalets located in the resort’s compound.

One of the chalets
One of the chalets

They have a very large compound, growing  different kinds of beautiful highland flowers and trees.

Mt Kinabalu Heritage & Spa 07

Mt Kinabalu Heritage & Spa 09

Mt Kinabalu Heritage & Spa 08

Mt Kinabalu Heritage & Spa 10

Mt Kinabalu Heritage & Spa 11

At 2 pm we checked into our room. We felt a slight disappointment initially after realizing most of the fixtures and furniture were very old and with very dull-tasted design.

Our room
Our room

However, everything in the room was tidy and well maintained. No air conditioner was available in the room as the temperature surrounding the hotel was low (averaging 18 Celsius) throughout the day. Bathroom, for us, nothing to shout about and a bit cramped if you ask us. Hot water supply was available too but water pressure was a bit on the low side probably due to some maintaining work that was being carried out at the resort during our visit.

Overlooking Kundasan below
Overlooking Kundasan below from the resort

Overall, with RM200 we paid for this room per night, we’re still quite satisfied with what we get. After all, the good scenery and cool surrounding were what we’re looking for. Later that night, we found out the resort was in fact almost fully occupied when the rooms of the resort were lighted up (indicating resort room occupied).

Mt Kinabalu Heritage & Spa 15
Panoramic view from our room

Point to note, if you want to enjoy the Mt.Kinabalu view like we did, always ask for a top floor room facing Mt. Kinabalu (as you can see from panoramic view, tress were quite tall, and may block your view of the mountain). Also, the mountain will only be visible from 6.30am to 8.00am as most of the time, it is covered with mist.

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