Kasih Sayang Health Resort: Kokol Hill

If panoramic view of the city of Kota Kinabalu and Mount Kinabalu is what you are looking for, why not head over to Kokol Hill? It’s a hill located about 30 minutes drive away from the city centre of Kota Kinabalu and is considered the best place to be for panoramic view of Kota Kinabalu city.

This post is entirely about Kasih Sayang Health Resort located near the peak of the hill, which I happened to get a chance to experience a night stay and to write about it, basically, my review and what I think about this place.

As earlier mentioned, journey takes about 30 minutes of drive from the city centre of Kota Kinabalu. For locals, the entrance of the route to Kasih Sayang Health Resort is located just right after Menggatal township on your right if you’re heading towards Tuaran (I will include a map below). Please do take note the route itself is quite narrow, winding and steep, so be extra careful when driving up. Please note there’s another alternative route coming from Kiansom, Inanam too but I wouldn’t recommend that.

Half way up the route from Menggatal township to the resort and you can already have the panoramic view of the city of Kota Kinabalu. Due to the height of the hill (approximately 2,400 feet or 730 meters), the temperature gets cooler the higher you get.

Pictured here a Catholic Church with Kota Kinabalu city in the background and the South China Sea beyond.

Kasih Sayang Health Resort, when I first heard of it, thought to be a huge facilities because of the word “Resort” but in reality, it’s only one stretch of concrete-wood building mixture sitting on a slope facing Kota Kinabalu city and the South China Sea beyond. Don’t get me wrong, this place has it’s own charm.

The resort main entrance.
Kasih Sayang Health Resort

The main attraction of the resort is its Cloud 9 Restaurant. The restaurant is nicely decorated with traditional decoration and its very clean. Dining here allows you to enjoy the dense tropical rain forest surrounding you, the Kota Kinabalu City, the islands and South China Sea beyond. Food on the menu, include local delights and western. I ordered a plate of Fried Tuaran Noodle for my dinner and would give 7 stars out of 10. Waitress were friendly and responsive.

Clound 9 Restaurant
Panoramic view of Kota Kinabalu City from Cloud 9 Restaurant
My plate of fried Tuaran Noodle

Moving on to the room for the night stay. Walking towards my room along the hallway is relaxing with ambient music being played. The room itself is clean and equipped with basic amenities including a cabinet, queen sized bed, cabinet, satellite TV and dressing table. The toilet is clean and tidy too. My unit has a veranda that also give the same panoramic view as the Cloud 9 Restaurant so it’s good to me as an amateur photographer. Unfortunately on the day of my visit, the weather was bad with heavy clouds covering most of the panoramic view, which was kind of disappointing on the part of not being able to capture the sunset, which was the original plan of the visit.

Clean and Tidy Room and equipped with basic amenities
Panoramic view from my room. As you may notice, my view was obstructed by heavy clouds.

There are few similar lodging at Kokol Hill offering different rates based on their respective amenities provided. I purchased my stay from Agoda.com at RM218.36 (inclusive 6% GST) a night. At this rate, I would recommend this place for those who wish to seek a place for meditation, relaxation or even photographer like me to shoot landscape photography.

Take note that this piece of writing is purely reivew of mine and I do not get any cent from Kasih Sayang Health Resort.

View of Mount Kinabalu early in the morning

Additional Information:
Website: www.kasihsayang.com.my
Contact: +60-88-470866
Email: reservation@kasihsayang.com.my

Map from Kota Kinabalu City to Kasih Sayang Resort:

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