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Celebrating one of our brother’s birthday the other day, we went to Chef Tan’s cafe for our dinner and celebration. This cafe was located at The Peak Vista (map below).

As the name suggests, this cafe was opened by a person called Mr Tan. HAHA! “Duh…..” Some writing on the wall was telling the story of Chef Tan, whom was a very passionate person in culinary. Retiring after serving 25 years as as Executive Chef at Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort, Kota Kinabalu, a quite reputable 5 stars hotel in the city, he decided to open his own cafe in July 2013.

Chef Tan's story
Chef Tan’s story

The settings of the restaurant was typical. However, it’s very clean with furniture and fittings properly organized. Waitresses in this restaurant were very friendly and we would like to stress, very attentive too.

There were quite a number of varieties of Asian food on the menu but we decided to try western food instead since we had so much Asian food for the past few weeks and it was the first time visiting this cafe, we wanted to have something special. Unfortunately, not many choices of western food were on the menu so we decided to go for a cheese cake to mark the birthday, a Lamp Chop and a Fish and Chips sets.

Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake

The cheese cake we ordered has that perfect combination of sweet and tangy, with smooth and rich texture. It is wonderful for dessert, but can be detrimental to your waistline. For those who has the habit of squeezing your belly after every meal, you may opt not to have this.

Ouch..that hurts
Ouch..that hurts

Lamb Chop set offered is quite generous we would say. The meat is tender and juicy and we like the black pepper sauce that comes with it. We also like the combination of corns and greens that came with the lamp chop which gives an overall,  very satisfying meal.

Lamb Chop Set

The Fish & Chips set is another Satisfying combination. The fish is crispy on the outside and tender and delicious on the inside and we would like to mention that the fish used in this serving is very fresh too.

Fish & Chip Set
Fish & Chip Set

Costs of our orders: Lamp Chop set (RM23.80++) and Fish & Chips set (RM23.80++). As for the Cheese Cake, unfortunately we have lost the record but believe in the region of RM5.00++ to RM6.00++.

Contact Details:
Contact Number: +60 12 815 7937
Address: S2, Ground Floor, The Peak Vista. Lorong Puncak 1, Jalan Signal Hill, 88400 Tanjung Lipat, Kota Kinabalu

Operation Hours:
Mon – Sat 10am to 10pm *Tuesday Off
Sun 5pm to 10pm

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