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Google Flights – Your Search Engine For Cheapest Airfare

If you’re an avid traveler and often searching for cheapest airfare just like me, you’re going to love something that I am going to talk about.

Now, planning a trip, the problem you will almost always encounter is how and when to get a cheap airfare. If you’re travelling to a destination that is only serviced by one airline then there’s no problem, you basically have no choice. What the airline offered, you will just have to accept. But if you’re travelling to a destination that is serviced by a few airlines, it’s going to be a headache especially to those who are very price-conscious like me.

Previously, painstakingly, I went to an airline website, selected my destination, date of travel and wait for the airline to list down it’s prices offered and then after that, I would go to the other competing airline websites and repeat the same effort to get their pricing for comparison.  If i’m in bad luck, the cheapest airfare may have being snapped up before I decided to purchase it. You know how frustrating it is if you went through above like I did.

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Looking for a hotel to stay? Try Agoda.

Dear our valued facebook ‘likers’/visitors, we are proud to announce that we are now an affiliated partner of Agoda, a leading hotel booking website in the Asia region with their listing of over 450,000 hotels in over 110 countries. Having utilized the service of this website ourselves personally on numerous occasions, we believe Agoda offers the best hotel deals.

The hotel search box is located to the right of this blog. To save your trouble looking for a hotel locally, just select the the city you are about to visit, the date of travel and number of nights stays and you will be provided with a list of hotels available for your choosing complete with reviews from previous visitors of the hotels. Of course if you are unsure, you are always welcomed to drop us a message or an email to make an enquiry.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy your stay here on this Borneo island! Selamat Datang!

Facebook, Whatsapp and Chain Letters

Just a short post.

Whenever I see messages stating along this line: ‘if you don’t forward this to xx number of friends, your accounts of xx will be deactivated’. I get very annoyed! An example what I got this afternoon.


I tried to convince my friend that these sort of things are just chain letters and never fall for it but my friend still strongly believed that his failure to send the message above out was the result of his inability to get connected to WhatsApp last week.

The failed connection could be due to server down or error in the application itself. It will never be due to reason above. In the world of internet business, the more people you attract to your website or utilize your apps, the better it is, which also means, more money can be generated (through means such as advertisements). Internet business is all about getting ‘visitors’ or ‘audiences’, just like in TV broadcasting business, except that internet has the potential to reach out even greater audiences around the world.

They will never complaint of too many audiences. If they do run out of resources running their internet business, they better get more funding or support from somewhere in order to continue. For them, people means money. Look at how large Facebook server has grown.



Does Facebook charge you a cent? Of course No unless you are advertising with them. In the case of Facebook, according to a report dated back in March 2013, they announced that they had about 1.11 billion users (still growing) using Facebook every month. With that kind of number, they have every reasons to get people to advertise at Facebook and that’s the reason why you have so many advertisements flooding your Facebook Timeline now. Advertisers are their source of revenue to support their operation.

Now, back to WhatsApp, you may ask since there’s not a single advertisement visible in their app, where do their fund come from? So far nobody knows for sure how does WhatsApp revenue model look like (if you know, please advise be commenting below). There are theories that WhatsApp supplied it’s users’ information to third parties for income but again, this is just a theory. Perhaps, they are able to support themselves for the time being but as at date of writing this, WhatsApp has being sold to Facebook so I believe the advertising thingy will come sooner or later.

One thing for sure, they will never ask to kick you out because they are running out of resources. The game of internet business is always building number of visitors/users!

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Update: Whatsapp has since being taken over by Facebook.