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Upside Down House: Kota Kinabalu

Feeling disorientated after looking at the picture of a house? Or have we erroneously uploaded upside down pictures?

The Upside Down house
The Upside Down car

The fact is, this Upside Down House or locally known as Rumah Terbalik was purposely built up side down and may be the only one you can find in South East Asia. Officially opened in February 2012, this latest tourist attraction is located about 30 km away from the city of Kota Kinabalu. The house was rumoured built at a cost of RM1 million.

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Sabah Murut Cultural Centre: Tenom

If you would like to understand more about the Murut people, one of the indigenous people living in the northern part of the Borneo, please head over to Sabah Murut Cultural Centre.

Panaromic view of the centre. Please click for larger image.

The impressive Sabah Murut Cultural Centre building is located about 10 kilometers away from the small township of Tenom and was built at a cost of about RM12 million. The building was built based on the Murut people’s authentic architecture design. The main building was constructed using local timbers (Belian – hardwood timber) particularly on the building structure and pillars.

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Signal Hill Observatory Platform: Kota Kinabalu

Looking for a place where you can have a breath taking view of the city of Kota Kinabalu? Why not head to the Signal Hill Observatory Platform?


The platform is located on a small hill called “Bukit Bendera” in the city center. There are two ways to get there. You can either catch a taxi  or, if you think you’re fit enough, why not take the 250 meters jungle trail up to the platform. The starting point of this trail is just besides “Dewan Masyaraka DBKK” hall. Please refer to the map below on how to get to the Signal Hill Observatory Platform via the jungle trail.

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A Day Trip To Tenom

It was initially a plan with a gang of guys to go to Tenom, organize a BBQ session at one of the homestay there for a night but called off as no one was able to make it on that day, except me, with the plan.

So without the plan, i’d decided to visit Tenom town with my wife instead on the first day of “Hari Kaamatan” which fell on 30th May 2014. Briefly, if you are not familiar with “Hari Kaamatan”, it’s actually festival celebrating the harvesting of paddy by the indigenous people of Borneo and it’s public holidays on 30th and 31st May in Sarawak and 1st and 2nd in Sabah.

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Gaya Street (Sunday Market): Kota Kinabalu

This is a market place held at the street of Gaya on every Sundays at the heart of the city. 

A brief history about this market place. Originally known as Bond Street, this please is the central of business for over a hundred of years and is still thriving until this day.

Here, you can find mainly local made products such as souvenirs, T-shirts, fruits, titbits, hardwares and accessories, just to name a few.



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