Bukit Singai Catholic Church & Pilgrimage Retreat Centre: Kuching

If you’re looking for a morning walk or a brief hiking, why not head over to Bukit Singai in Kuching, Sarawak. But first of all, we would like to highlight that this place may not be suitable for everyone. It’s more sort of a religious place but free for anyone to visit, so if you’re not interested, you may want to skip this one.

Mt Singai 02
Road leading to Bukit Singai Retreat Centre

“Bukit” in Malay literally means “hill” so yes, this is a hike in a jungle that requires some “going up” but you are compensated with the refreshing air, the beauty of mother nature and most importantly, stronger leg muscles. The trek is made up of long stairway leading up to a hilltop where a Catholic Church and Religious Retreats seats. Along the way up, you will also see 12 monuments erected every few meters. Each of these monuments represents 12 days leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. The trip up would take about 35 minutes to reach the top, depending on your fitness.

Mt Singai 03
Just to give you some idea about some of the tough stairs you’re going to face
Mt Singai 04
This scenic view is definitely worth your effort going up the stairs
Mt Singai 05
You will see twelve of these monuments along the way up to the retreat centre, representing 12 days leading to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This one reads “Jesus Christ Condemned to Death”
Mt Singai 08
Some of the interesting vegetation found at this area

Mt Singai 06

Mt Singai 09
There are quite a few giant trees such as this one here, growing in this area

For those who’s seeking spiritual guidance, place of meditation or just to look for a quite place to find inner peace, this is definitely the place¬†worth a visit.

Mt Singai 11
The Retreat Centre.
Mt Singai 13
They provide accommodation too.
Mt Singai 14
The Church

Mt Singai 15

Mt Singai 16

There is no entrance fee required if you are planning a visit here but donation is welcomed.

Transportation wise to this location may not be convenient however. We’re not so sure about the availability of public transport to reach this place¬†except taxi but if you’re driving, you may follow the map provided below.

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