Bintawa Kueh Chap: Kuching

They say you must not fail to try Kueh Chap if you are visiting Kuching. This is one of the three famous dishes you must try out in Kuching after the Kolo Mee and Sarawak Laksa.

A bowl of Kueh Chap (non-halal) normally contains herbal broth, pork meat, pork belly, pork intestines, toupok (fried tofu skin), boiled egg, youtiao (chinese cruller) and is normally served with rice flakes or a bowl of rice. If the ingredients sounds familiar to you, yes, this is quite similar to the other famous dish in Malaysia, Bak Kut Teh except the herbal broth used is different.

Kueh Chap
Kueh Chap

In Kuching, this is easily available from any local hawkers but the other day we had an opportunity to try out one prepared by Bintawa Kueh Chap, known to be the best in Kuching. The shop is known to have a very long history preparing this dish so is considered expert.

We reached the shop around 8pm and it was already fully packed with people but we still managed to find seats for our self. There were several options on how we wanted our Kueh Chap to be served. We opted for a large sized serving (hungry!) with all types of ingredients to be added (those who do not like pork inner parts can opt this out) in order to have a taste of the original.

Bintawa Kueh Chap 03

The taste of the herbal broth was perfect! It’s not too salty and the taste of herbal was neither too heavy nor too diluted. People normally judge a bowl of Kueh Chap based on the taste and the herbal broth, in this case, we gave a thumb up! The rice flakes that came with this dish was silky smooth and melted in our mouth. We liked it a lot. Meats and other inners parts  are tender too and overall, it was a perfect meal for us.

Bintawa Kueh Chap 02
Bintawa Kueh Chap menu

Not forget to mention the waiter and waitress are very friendly too, which made the overall dining experience a very pleasant one!

Do come early, our advice, because this shop can some times be very crowded with people, particularly on weekends.

Total cost RM10.00: Kuech Chap (L) – RM7.00, Youtiao – RM1.00 and Lohan Longan drink – RM2.00

Contact Details
Contact Number: 0167442441
Address:No 1310 Lot 7719, Jalan Keranji, Tabuan Jaya, 93350, Kuching, Sarawak

Operation Hours:
Tue – Sun 4.30am to 10.00pm

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