About Us

About ‘me’ actually.

Hello and welcome to this little corner of mine. My name is Victor but you can call me “Vic”. I am the administrator of BorneoEscapade. I was born in Sarawak, and raised in both Sarawak and Sabah, both states of Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. By profession, i’m involved in the accounting and finance of a shipping company and by passion, I’m an amateur photographer and a traveler.

Growing up in both Sarawak and Sabah, I never realized how amazingly interesting and uniquely beautiful this island of Borneo is to the people who are not originally from this part of the world. Such mindset is not surprising as I have being growing up and gotten used to whatever this island has offered me. It was until one day when I started venturing out from my comfort zone of the Borneo island and travelling to foreign lands, only did I realize how unique Borneo is.

For an example, I never understood why foreigners especially Europeans are so interested with our tropical rain forest whereas for me, it was just that, “a forest”, with tall trees, wild animals and insects. Now, looking at Google Map, I realized around this world, there are not many tropical rain forest except for the three main places namely South America, South Africa & South East Asia. Upon further discovery, I eventually realized our rain forest, particularly the virgin ones house many thousands types of flora and fauna that are endemic to Borneo. Another example will be the uniqueness of our cultural and tradition. I remembered once I was having a chit chat with my family members in the city of Taipei, I was praised by a Taiwanese waitress for being able to communicate in three languages (Mandarin, English & Malay) but for me, these were the languages I had to utilize in the multi ethnic society of Borneo. I never thought that alone, is something unique to the rest of the world.

Realizing the uniqueness of my place, I decided to go into more depth about Borneo by exploring places and events as well as sharing information to those who are planning a trip here to this island. This website was created as a platform for me to share out these information that may come in photos, videos and audio for better experience about what I am sharing. Lastly, this website also serves as a platform for me to get connected with people from around the world who are interested about Borneo.

BorneoEscapade is the brand of this website. It is also a member of 1 Tour Adventure, a Sabah based travel agency that is registered under Malaysia Tourism Board and Sabah Tourism Board since year 2009 with license number KPL-6055.

If you’re looking for tour packages, be it group tour, private ones, or any travel inquiry, please do not hesitate to drop me a message.

Enjoy reading and cheers!

Vic of BorneoEscapade